18 April 2010

Drug Bust!

Drugs, both illegal and prescription abuse, are a problem here at Bagram.

We continually run into hashish, meth, steroids, cocaine, heroin and pain killers. With a large population of civilian contractors and local nationals, as well as new and inventive ways to hide them in mail, there seems to be an endless supply chain.

And demand is high (no pun intended).

Last week, this was sent through the mail in a care package. At 1.792 pounds, it was one of the largest finds we've had during our tour. In fact, this is the third such find in a span of 3 months.

Ironically, all 3 packages were addressed to me.

Yes, my mom sent another batch of her home-made fudge. It made a huge "thud" when we dropped it on the drug scale. This fudge is SO GOOD, my guys have dubbed it "Black Tar Heroin." One piece is never enough ...

We are always thankful when she sends some. We're even more thankful when it's gone. Raises hell on a diet, but cheating has never tasted so good.

THANKS MOM! You're the greatest.

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